January:  Angels in TI Park, Wellesley Island

Pix 1

February:  Frozen River to Wolfe Island
pix 2

March:  Frozen bench in Cape Vincent

pix 3

April: Spring Sunset between Carleton Island and Wolfe Island

pix 4

May:  Fog at Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, Cape Vincent
pix 5

June:  Flooded main dock, Cape Vincent
pix 6

July:  Wine & sunset at the River
pix 7

August: Wild snapdragons over Rose Bay, Cape Vincent
pix 8

September:  Reflections in Dodge Bay
pix 9

October:  Freighter Centennial Park, Clayton
pix 10

November:  Church of St. Brendan, Rockport, Ontario
pix 11

December:  Christmas decorations, Frink Park, in Clayton
pix 12